I started making jewelry a few years ago when I realized a cute bracelet was going to cost just as much as the outfit I just bought. That’s when it occurred to me that I could make a bracelet that matched what I was wearing for a fraction of the department store’s prices.

I  moved on to earrings and necklaces, creating customized pieces of jewelry that was of better quality than what could be found in stores. From making my own, I started making gifts of jewelry for family and friends. Soon I had requests to buy my creations from people who had received a piece created just for them or who had admired my jewelry on someone else.

From there, Beadmomma became what it is today, a small business that takes pride in creating unique jewelry that is attractive, stylish, and affordable.  My husband has joked about me being the “bead momma”. The name just seems to fit. Momma’s always want what is best… and for the right price!

Every  bracelet, pair of earrings, necklace, and set are unique originals. You can keep up with these new designs as they are added by following Beadmomma via email, Twitter, or Facebook. I can also design jewelry to match an outfit or craft a set for you to wear for a special occasion.

I love people and have apparently earned a reputation as a hostess and cook. I confess, I enjoy spoiling people. So being a momma and grandma suits me quite nicely.

I carry that same love of people into Beadmomma. You are more than just a customer to me. You are part of my extended family that I will endeavor to treat with the same love and warmth as the rest of my family and friends.  I take care of the creative part of the business and my husband takes care of the technical stuff. Together, our goal is that you sense our products and everything about our business, especially, our relationship with you, is handcrafted with love.

You can find me at numerous farmer’s markets, festivals, fairs, and home parties throughout the year. There you can make purchases with cash or your favorite credit card. I will keep you updated  on the various Beadmomma locations through the schedule page and Facebook and Twitter.

Momma loves you!

Patty (Beadmomma)